With Trump in the White House, people are asking "what can I do?" Here's one small step (and it's tax-deductible).

what we do

Our approach is straightforward.  We produce compelling original film and video, share our content through social media and media outlets to raise awareness about the issues, and partner with leading organizations to provide an avenue through which viewers can engage, mobilize, and take action.

our mission

Use the power of storytelling to inform and engage the public about the realities and impacts of inequality and imbalance of power in America.

 Inequality Media uses videos to explain complex economic ideas in a way that everyone can understand.  We believe in the power of storytelling to inform and engage.  And we believe in the power of an informed and engaged public to bring about change because how we understand a problem dictates what options are on the table to fix it.  Our ultimate vision is an economy that works for everyone. 


Two realities motivate the work of Inequality Media:

 1.     The defining story of our economic times is widening inequality. In recent years, widening inequality of income and wealth has gained unprecedented public awareness, yet studies show that most Americans do not comprehend the depth of the problem or its devastating impacts.  At this critical point, there is great need to give context to the economic moment and for the public to understand the bigger picture––how widening inequality undermines our economy and threatens our democracy, why this widening gap affects us all, and what we can do about it. 

2.     The importance of storytelling to policy change has been largely overlooked. All too often organizations and policy makers rely on data and facts to make their case, forgetting about the critical importance of storytelling to connect to and persuade audiences.  This is especially true of economic policy, where policy leaders remain dumbfounded as to why low-income Americans continue to vote against their economic interest.  We need to take a new tactic.  We need to engage both the head and the heart by telling stories that move and inspire, even as they inform and educate.  Corporate America and the conservative movement have long understood and utilized the power of good storytelling to gain supporters, it is time progressives took notice and took action.  


After years of collaboration, Jacob Kornbluth worked with Robert Reich to create the feature film Inequality for All.  The film was released into 270 theaters in 2013 and won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Achievement in Filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival.  Building off this momentum, Kornbluth and Reich founded Inequality Media in 2014 to continue the conversation about inequality with viewers. 


In 2015, Inequality Media produced 25 videos that were viewed over 25 million times, primarily through social media, and partnered with 20 leading non-profit and advocacy groups.  Our videos are routinely distributed by MoveOn, Upworthy, Huffington Post, Salon, Addicting Info, and Nation of Change, among others, and have been cited by our partners as instrumental to education, outreach, and engagement efforts.  In 2016 alone, our viewership has grown even larger with almost 100 million view thus far.